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Does Your Child Know Road Safety?

Now that we’re out on the school run every day, road safety seems to be a constant talking point for Boo and I. It’s also the main reason that I continue to pop Little Man into his pushchair for it, as I’d fear having to watch the two of them at this time of day.

I don’t know about your kids’ school, but certainly at ours it’s mayhem there at drop off and pick up times. I do drive there, but park a little distance away so as not to get caught in the melee and madness and for us to stretch our legs. Cars mount the pavements, drive way too quickly in a bid to get into a space as they’re running late, block driveways, swing open doors without checking the pavement’s clear first – you know the sort of thing, as I’m suspecting we’ve all seen it. It’s only a short walk for us, but long enough for Boo to be desperate to run freely with her friends, particularly on the way home from school when she’s still high from her exciting day. But there are driveways and roads, and though she’s getting much better and seeing these dangers, when she’s with her friends, she gets too confident and runs too far, with it being tricky for me to chase her through the throngs with a pushchair. And so we talk about road safety again and again and again. It’s so important, and I need her to get this one.

Rental Cars have put together this road safety quiz for children, to help educate them and put their knowledge to the test. It’s just 10 questions long, Boo enjoyed doing it and it didn’t take us long to complete.

I’m hopeful that this has reinforced my messages and taught her more. How did you do?

Disclosure: This is a post in collaboration with Rental Cars but the words are all my own



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