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A Wedding Anniversary To Look Forward To

We missed our wedding anniversary last month. Well, when I say missed, we knew it when it came around, we exchanged cards and thoughtful family and friends had sent cards and gifts. But our daughter was ill on our anniversary so the meal we’d planned to go out for didn’t happen and then my girl’s poorliness kind of took over for another week or so, our anniversary forgotten.

It was already a strange one as it was the first one that the Husband didn’t have off work, fortunately with hindsight, as plans would have gone by the wayside anyway. We normally celebrate it, our first was celebrated in style as we went to Paris, and then over the years we’ve had various other breaks and trips. It was fifteen years last month, quite a special one, I think, but hey ho, it’s gone now and remaining happily married is a lot more important than the day itself!

Hmm, that said, 25 is an important one, right? One worth me thinking about and planning lovely things for? It will be silver, so I might have been looking at silver wedding anniversary gifts for her ideas and talked myself into the importance of the occasion, along with my need for a silver-dipped rose! I do love roses!

Then there’s the day itself. It deserves a break, I think. It’s another ten years away yet, so the children will be a lot older and much happier for us to be away from them. I am toying with somewhere beautiful, full of culture and sightseeing such as Rome, or then do we indulge our love of travelling to the US and go for Las Vegas or San Francisco? I adore Vegas and it’s definitely not a holiday with children, so this might be a great opportunity to go for it. With a lot of other cities and breaks I often feel bad as I suspect the kids would enjoy it, too, whereas Las Vegas just isn’t an option for them, so my guilt can completely dissipate!

We’re not ones for huge parties, we actually only had 9 guests at our wedding, so I think celebrations at home would be more along the lines of a family meal. That would be lovely and mark the occasion.

But it’s a whole ten years away, I hear you shout. Yes, I know, but given that last month we celebrated fifteen years of marriage, and that feels like it went by in the blink of an eye, I can’t help but suspect that the next ten years will fly by just as quickly. And besides, it’s nice to daydream, isn’t it?

What about you? Do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?

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