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If You’re Ever Made Redundant…

if you're ever made redundant

Hopefully you won’t be, of course. But the Husband was made redundant back at the end of February. He had just hours notice that he’d be receiving his last weekly pay cheque that day and that’s that. He’d been there for 18 years, since leaving college, so even though we’d known the company was struggling, we had no idea that they were to become insolvent that day.

As his boss was declaring himself bankrupt, it actually didn’t occur to us that we may receive redundancy money. It felt unfair not to, after 18 years of hard work, but then if he didn’t have it, he didn’t have it, and of course we’d never have been wanting to sue him – 18 years of just the two of them means 18 years of friendship, too. But then I was chatting to my sister-in-law about it and she mentioned statutory redundancy pay from the government. Ah, we’d not even thought of that. But my husband was one of the fortunate ones who’d found a new job, so we wouldn’t get it, would we? Well, my brother-in-law did, and he’d started in a new job, too. So, I made a couple of calls and it turned out that, yes, we may well be entitled to something, so an RP1 form was duly sent to us. We were advised that as soon as the case was with the courts, there would be a receiver appointed and that they would be in touch with us in due course to help us make our claim. How long can that take? Ah, depends on the case, the court, could be weeks, could be months. Vague, then!

And so we waited. And we waited. And then waited a bit longer. Just over 5 months went by, and the waiting seemed a bit much. I called the court for advice on how the case and was told that they couldn’t disclose anything to me, but for the Husband to email them an enquiry about it. So I drafted it up, and he sent it over. We heard nothing. So he called them and it turns out that the case was closed ages ago and we could just send the form in whenever we liked, no need for a case number or anything. Right, so when were you going to contact us then? Erm, never….

We filled the form in that evening, and noticed that you do need to claim within the first 6 months. We were a week away from 6 months. No-one would have contacted us, not one person advised us we were entitled to make a claim at any stage.

After posting off the form, we heard nothing for 3 weeks, and then a letter advising us that as they’d not received the information they requested a fortnight earlier (a letter we did not receive) they’d have to decline the case. Aaah! So we called, we emailed and they acknowledged the forms we sent on. Another 3 weeks of waiting and a chase up call and finally, finally, the settlement has arrived.

‘Frustrating’ doesn’t quite cover it!

What have your experiences been, if you’ve been in this boat, too?


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