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What To Write To Your Pen Pal

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I regularly run pen pal sign ups here  (you can check this page for details of monthly activities) and share snail mail tips and Where to Find Pen Pals. So let’s assume that you are now all set and have a pen pal to write to. But the question is, what to write?

What to write to your pen pal - a little snail mail inspiration and ideas for letter writing. Love happy mail!

Well, the first tip here is to be yourself. Just as when you meet a person face to face, be real as it’s the best way for a friendship to form.

These are real friendships, as anyone who has been pen palling for a while will tell you, and just because you may be miles from one another and may have never ‘met’, you can still be friends in this way. So start as you mean to go on and imagine yourself meeting someone for the first time.

A few suggestions of what to say about yourself to your pen pal:

Your family situation
Work, study, whatever you get up to each day
Your favourite pastimes and hobbies
Why you’re pen palling, and whether you write to other people
A little about your home town/country
Anything significant that’s going on in your life at the moment
That you’re looking forward to hearing from them!

With these, do pop in questions as you’re going through as you’re likely to want to know the same things about your new pen pal. Do remember you’ve plenty of time to get to know one another, so you do not need to share your entire life story, hopes, dreams and wishes in one ling missive!

So initial letters sent, you’ll now know a little more about one another. From there, your letters will probably flow more naturally as you respond to one another’s news and questions. If you’re looking for other topics, then try…

Ongoing pen pal chat:

Breaks, trips and events that you have enjoyed
Any TV shows/films you’ve been watching
Share what you’re reading at the moment
Family and personal news
Updates on ongoing tales that you’re sharing
Things you’re looking forward to
Plans and changes on the horizon

In all of the above, just ask the same questions of your pen pal.

And enjoy it. This is a fun hobby to have and it is lovely to both pen a letter and to receive some happy mail.

You might also like to try little things like Mail Tags and Pocket Letters going forward as they are fun to prepare and to receive.

Are you snail mailing?

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This post contains affiliate links

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