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Win Dinosaur Books!

We received a lovely bundle of books from DK last week, all about dinosaurs, and today I’m also offering you the chance to win the same bundle.

I remember my brother being interested in dinosaurs when he was little. I even recall the book that he read over and over about them. Then my nephew came along and was just obsessed, obsessed with dinosaurs. My in-laws used to take him to the library each week until he’d worked his way through every dinosaur book that they had there, and he wasn’t interested in anything else! We all went to Disney World together when he was 5 years old and I can still picture his face as we went on the dinosaur rides and he saw a ‘real’ raptor egg hatching. Lovely memories, and even though he’s now 19, he’s always my go-to source with any dinosaur questions! Well, now we have our own reference books available, and both of the children are thoroughly enjoying reading them….

reading dinosaur books

The books that we have are:

The Big Noisy Book About Dinosaurs

The Big Noisy Book About Dinosaurs

Packed with incredible facts and stunning child-friendly artwork, The Big Book of Dinosaurs is a comprehensive anthology of all things prehistoric. Covering the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, it offers a clear and simple visual introduction to the weirdest, smallest and scariest dinosaurs of all time.

This classic dinosaur encyclopedia has been updated and been given a refreshed, modern design to make it friendly and relevant to a new generation of readers. Find out how many teeth a T.rex had, what the Stegosaurus ate for breakfast and the wingspan of a Pterodactyl. Fascinating nuggets of text are perfect for reading aloud. Amazing artwork, incredible CGI models of the coolest dinosaurs and photographs of fossils and bones shed light on discoveries and explain how we know so much about these amazing creatures.

The Big Book of Dinosaurs is the ideal gift for children from 5-8 discovering dinosaurs for the first time or dino-mad kids who want to find out more about their favourites.

Inside The Big Noisy Book About Dinosaurs

At this stage, this one is Little Man’s favourite of the three, as it has a ‘roar’ button! I like the way that it groups dinosaurs by their features, with pages such as ‘boneheads and horns’, ‘terrible teeth’ and so forth. All sections feel bite-sized and easy to dip in and out of and at the back is a scale picture to give you a feel for the size of all of these incredible beasts in comparison to one another.

Amazing Giant Dinosaurs

Amazing Giant Dinosaurs

Enter the land of the giants, with this stunning collection of the biggest, most frightening dinosaurs that ever stalked the Earth. A positively Jurassic introduction to dinosaurs and their world – see Tyrannosaurus striding through the rainforest, Corythosaurus reaching up to feed from tree tops, and Suchomimus wading through swamp lands.

Turn to the fun and colourful fact pages to find out lots of fascinating dino snippets – which animal did Pentaceratops most resemble, what did Corythosaurus sound like, did Tyrannosaurus have any enemies, and lots, lots more!

This book opens up each section like so..

inside amazing giants1

inside amazing giants

inside amazing giants2

This one has a spread dedicated to each of seven dinosaurs, and for each one flaps open out detailing facts such as theirΒ diet, skeleton, scale, where it lived, size and image. It all folds out making it fun to read, the pages are sturdy and glossy and the information exciting to read. My girl loves reading this one and as there are just the seven dinosaurs covered, the information is easily digested.

Everything You Need To Know About Dinosaurs

Everything You Need To Know About Dinosaurs

Did you know a Barosaurus weighed more than three elephants and shook the ground as it moved?! Everything You Need to Know About Dinosaurs contains amazing facts and staggering statistics that will tell you all you could hope to know about the tremendous dinosaurs. From the Megatooth shark and winged wonders to the fearsome T-Rex and the giant mammoths, key information is included on each type of dinosaur and prehistoric creature and where they were found. You’ll also get quirky facts, amazing pictures, and fun games and quizzes. Perfect for school projects, Everything You Need to Know About Dinosaurs also contains facts about fossils, early plants, the death of dinosaurs and early man. It’s everything you need to know and everything you want to find out.

Inside Everything you need to know about dinosaurs

Of the three books, I feel that this is crammed full with the most information. It has the most pages, and covers a huge array of dinosaurs, how they lived and hunted, family life, and there’s an after extinction section. This one does not have noises or flaps, so a little less appealing to my three year old, but I think for older children, this could keep them entertained and informed for hours.

I now have these 3 books available for one of my lucky readers to win. To enter, use the rafflecopter below, and the competition closes at 12am 29th November 2015, open to UK entrants only. Good luck!

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What’s your favourite dinosaur?

Disclosure: We received these books FOC for the purposes of this post


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