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Why Do I Read?

I read. Quite a lot. I love to read.

I always have a book on the go. I do tend to only read one at a time, unlike my daughter who has 3-4 going at the same time. As soon as I finish a book, I peruse my TBR pile and select my next read, I do enjoy this part! I have a lot of books on that pile as I’ve bought quite a few and have managed to acquire many more – when people know that you love to read, they like to pass books onto you – perfect.

For me personally, I struggle to remember a time that I didn’t read. I vaguely recall learning, reading some Cathy and Mark books – remember those? Then after that point I remember various books that I read at school, both there and at home, I remember enjoying being a school librarian at primary school, I remember summers filled with me lying around reading – and yes, my parents were often trying to get me to move! As I type this, so many stories are flying through my mind that I read as a child and a teen and I see myself reading in our living room or all snuggled up in bed reading way, way past my bedtime. From Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and CS Lewis through to Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High and then onto Virginia Andrews, James Herbert, Stephen King and Jilly Cooper, they all made an impact. I’m not sure that I read quite as much in my late teens and twenties. I can’t really remember, but as you’d expect at that age, I was working then out every night, so I doubt that I did. But books would always have lurked on my shelves, ready for me when I wanted them.

Nowadays as well as enjoying reading, it’s important for me that my kids see that I often have a book in hand. It’s normal for them to spend time in libraries, bookshops and spotting me reading. I do tend to read more after they’ve gone to bed – I am not ignoring them all day! Sometimes when they’re absorbed in an activity together, though, I’ll take the opportunity to grab my book and read for a bit, and I do think there’s value in them seeing that. Reading is not only hugely important for them educationally and emotionally, it can also give them a wonderful accessible and relatively inexpensive hobby for life (OK, book shopping can get expensive, I know that, but there are libraries!!).

It’s difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t love reading the excitement over choosing new books, on starting a new read, the eagerness to get all of your work done so that you can sink back down into your book and pick up the story. I can read anywhere and I can be surrounded by noise and activity and block it all out and disappear into my book if I want to. I’ll often read of an evening if the Husband’s watching something on TV that doesn’t hold my attention, though I can also follow the TV and read my book, dipping in and out. I need not read to the end of a page or a chapter, I just read and stop wherever I need to, so I can easily read bits and pieces in small gaps of time.

I shared several benefits of reading in 12 reasons to pick up a book and I just know that for me, I read to relax and switch off. And when I do so I get transported into new worlds and lives that all leave their mark on me.

Why do you read?


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