When Secondary Schools Suddenly Seem So Real

Boo is now nearing the end of Year 4 at primary school. She loves school, she’s very happy there. She does well academically and she has some wonderful friends.

Of course the subject of secondary schools has come up before. It’s something I’ve been aware of for years and it is something that I’ve spoken to friends and the kids about before. The thing is though, it is now all feeling so real and it makes me want to cry!

I look at my beautiful baby girl and I realise that she is growing up. She is still a bundle of energy, she is still the most kind-hearted and generous person that I know, but she is maturing into a young woman in front of my eyes and I am not entirely sure when and how that happened.

We went along to our first school open evening a couple of days ago and she was so excited to be there. Her eyes were shining and I had one of those ‘bam’ reality moments when I just wanted to gather her up into my arms and make her toddler Boo again. I can’t do that, of course, and don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her grow up, seeing the person that she is. It just makes me heart ache a little.

Anyway, back to the secondary school thing. I wasn’t too sure whether we were there too early as we aren’t quite into Year 5 yet, but no, there were plenty of other year 4 girls there. And yes, I say girls as we were looking around a girls school, the one that I went to in fact.

The thing is, it’s a grammar school. So yes, there will be an exam. It’s a rigmarole that I wasn’t too keen on entering into, but she was practically bouncing around as we walked around so it seems right that she has a shot at it. The Husband wants her to go there, she wants to go there. Little Man isn’t as keen as he knows he won’t be able to follow her and have his big sister look out for him on the next stage of his educational journey, but he’ll adjust if that’s what happens. It’ll no doubt be good for him.

For me, it was just so very strange to be walking the halls that I spent so many years in, halls that I hadn’t walked since collecting my ‘A’ level results and strolling out of there so many years ago. To then be there with my daughter was a little surreal and I had to focus on the now and not the then. I loved seeing how happy it all made her, how thoroughly engaged that she was in every room that we entered. Looks like she’s desperate to do Physics, Religious Studies, Art, DT, PE, Drama, English, Chemistry, Computing, French, yes I could keep going and list all of them, every single room interested her, you get the idea.

We will of course be looking around other schools when their open evenings come around, probably in September now. We are comfortably within catchment of a school that she is also keen to visit and check out, so I think that she will have good options available to her. And it seems that she will be taking the 11+ exam next year and we will see what that brings.

In the meantime, she has a new teacher to look forward to going into Year 5 and lots more to learn, and this girl loves to learn. It’d be lovely if she could do me a favour and just slow down the growing up a little bit for me….

Are you starting to think about secondary schools? How are you finding it?


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