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What Do You Look For In A Family Holiday?

I am on the search for inspiration. Having come back from a fabulous holiday a few weeks ago and looking back so fondly on our holiday last year, I am now starting to think about our next break.

We’ve been so fortunate that our last two holidays were so much fun and just what we were looking for, that I am starting to worry that we won’t be able to find anything else to match them. But then I started drawing up a list (I do love a good list!) of what we would look for in a family holiday and things became clearer and lots of possibilities starting jumping out at me.

Next time, we would want to get a good mix of activities and things to keep the kids happy and busy, along with plenty of downtime, perhaps lounging around the pool and resort. It’s then always nice to explore the local area, so perhaps a few family friendly excursions would make the break complete. I’m also thinking short haul would be good next time, so a European break is tempting me.

My newest ‘discovery’ is Yelloh Village, thanks to them getting in touch with me recently. How I hadn’t heard of them before I don’t know, as they have 81 campsites in western Europe.

These are the kinds of places that I think the kids will love. With lots of activities onsite and pools to splash and play in for hours, I doubt we’d even need to leave the villages. But as they are dotted around Europe, we’d look to stay at one where we liked the look of the surrounding areas so that we could take a few day trips to explore a little more.

Yelloh Village are currently asking for our help with a survey they have. They’d like to better understand your expectations when staying at a luxury campsite, so you can share your views with them here, and then there’s also the chance to win a break with them there so do pop over.

Completing this did get me thinking about what I’d expect from a holiday like this, and I think it’s a good mix of quality accommodation, several food options and plenty for the kids to do. They don’t necessarily need to be clubs or high-end activities, as my two are delighted with a huge play area and a big swimming pool, they are easily pleased! I also always check out reviews before we book anywhere, they really do help to guide me when I am making holiday bookings.

I’m off now to research a little further, I do love planning holidays!

What do you look for in a family holiday?

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