We Went Out!

The husband and I don’t have much time together, just the two of us, out and about. We do enjoy lounging about together most evenings at home, so we do have that, but to actually go out, into the world, without children? Well, that’s rare. I can literally count on one hand the amount of times we’ve done it since Boo was born, a little over 4 years ago. And of those occasions, only one has been of a night!

So, to the say that we were looking forward to going out on Friday, is something of an understatement. Where were we going? To see Billy Joel at the NEC, and as we’re both big fans, the excitement was palpable! We’d booked tickets back in May, as of course they sold out within a few minutes of going on sale.

Now, regular readers will know that Boo had a sick bug last week. Horrible at any time, but with our only night out this year looming, and a good one at that!, we were really nervous. The past week, we’ve double-guessed and worried over every slightly queasy moment we’ve had, any ache or pain, and every time Little Man’s been a bit sick, it’s been all out panic (he sicks up little bits pretty regularly, which isn’t helpful!). But we made it, we made it through the bug!

Here we are – out in the world, together, and it’s night time!

The Husband and I

We had a great night – a magic moment for us.

And, for anyone doubting Billy’s song-writing genius, here you are.. πŸ˜‰

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