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Using a Bullet Journal to Plan for Disney World

There is much excitement here as we have decided that we are going to Disney World next year. So along with watching a lot of Disney vlogs, especially BrummyMummyof2’s as they’re friends of ours so the kids love seeing their pals exploring Disney, I thought I’d best start making some plans. Partly because it feels like the kind of holiday that requires some planning to get the most out of it, and partly because it’s fun to do! So I have taken to my bullet journal

Using a Bullet Journal to Plan for Disney World

I have popped two double page spreads in there dedicate to Disney planning. I am quite sure that I will add several more over the coming months, but this gives me something to work with now.

Disney World Bullet Journal Sections

Savings Tracker – by month with squares to be coloured in for every £50 saved
Useful Links – for websites, blogs and vlogs
Hotels – pros, cons and costs of the shortlist of hotels we’re looking at
Favourite Rides – for us each to name our favourites so that we can use our Fast Passes for them
Important Dates – such as booking deadlines and special offers
Inspiration & Tips – anything and everything, a space for random ideas and things to investigate further
Other Trips – to malls, to shows, to other parks, places we want to see whilst we’re there
Must-Meet Characters – I accept that this may end up being all of them, but in the interests of prioritising, this is the ones the kids just have to meet!

disney planning bullet journal spread

Further bullet journal lists that I suspect I will add are:

Things to Pack – I always make packing lists as holidays approach
Things to Buy – this will be in preparation for the holiday
Universal Studios – we’ll want to visit there, too, so this could be a whole other section around rides and must-meets
Bookings, Flights and Car Hire – the logistics
Potential Itinerary – yes, day by day plans
Dining Plan Details – we’re planning to use the Disney Dining Plan and I know we then need to book in any character meals we want

And do not even get me started on the amount I will want to journal on our return, as reviews and memories!

What do you think? Those of you who know all things Disney World, what else should I be thinking about?

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