Tuff Spot Recycling Play

We recently bought a tuff spot. I’d seen lots of play posts using them, though I wasn’t entirely convinced of their use, to be honest. But, after seeing a few ideas that appealed to me, and attending a play session at Boo’s preschool where she played at a tuff spot for ages, I decided to go for it and order one. I got mine from Amazon and it arrived pretty quickly, so we were all set!

Now, I admit, when actually faced with an empty tuff spot in my kitchen, I was a little daunted! I’m not all that creative, so I decided to go for the recycling box and grabbed a few boxes and tubes from there, along with scattering some Happyland characters in and then the magic ingredient, split peas! I say magic, as they were both mesmerised by them!

tuff spot recycling play

And then I pretty much set the kids free to play. They were fascinated (as was the dog, as he kept sampling the split peas!)

tuff spot play

After Boo had played with the textures and noises, and of course tried tasting one, too, she disappeared off into an imaginary world with the people, and recycling items, creating shelters, boats, feeding animals and chattering away to herself.

tuff spot play 1

The thing that surprised me the most is how long it held Little Man’s attention. He’s not really one for sitting still for long, yet he did not move from this area for around half an hour – a record for him, I think.

tuff spot play 2

He dropped the split peas into boxes, down tubes and into a tub and discovered it made a great sound when he shook it. The enjoyment he got from moving them from box to box was lovely to see, especially as he hadn’t been very well that day, hence him still being in his PJs there. He played with the Happyland pieces, moving them about, making animal noises, and driving the car through it all, too.

It was lovely to watch the two of them playing together with this, as they were concentrating, learning and enjoying discovering it all together. There were a lot of frowns as they took it all in, and then a lot of giggling as they explored. It was a very happy half an hour for them, but also for me. I didn’t leave that tuff spot for a moment. I sat beside them and revelled in watching their imaginations take flight, and the smiles on their faces.

I am now pinning lots more ideas, and I’ve had a couple of my own, too, that I think they’ll enjoy, as I can see this one being a winner! Have you got one? Would love to hear more ideas.

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