Trespass Waterproof Jacket Review

As I do the school run every day, I find myself getting wet – a lot! Sometimes the rain manages to seep through my supposedly waterproof coat, too. So when Trespass contacted me asking me whether I’d like to put one of their waterproof jackets through it’s paces, I was keen to give it a whirl.

I chose the Chitter Womens Waterproof Coat, and opted to have the Khaki. It was a tricky decision, as I do also like the Flint and Mallard colours, too.

Here I am in it…

Wearing Trespass Chitter Coat

Now I cannot tell you the last time that I put on a coat and immediately went ‘oooh’, if ever! And I kid you not, that’s exactly what I did when I popped this one on for the first time. Why? The lining is a soft fleecy fur around the body, and then the sleeves are silky smooth. It felt both practical and luxurious all in one.

I’ve been testing it out and have managed to wear it in all manner of weather conditions, and these are the things that have struck me about it:

– it feels really lightweight, and not at all bulky

– despite it being so lightweight, it has kept me toasty warm, even in the high winds I was out in last week (a school run!)

– it has a good freedom of movement, I don’t feel constricted at all in it, and that’s even with it done up.

– it is definitely water proof. I got caught in one of those heavy downpours that seem to strike at 8.30 then miraculously stop at 9, the school run rain curse! My jeans were soaked through, but my upper body, bone dry!

– when it does get wet, it doesn’t hold the water. It runs off it and then dries quite quickly once back inside. It doesn’t feel to heavy and bulky even when wet.

As to the other practicalities, there are 7 pockets with nice big chunky buttons, a detachable hood, adjustable cuffs, and it has both zip and velcro fastenings. Oh, and did I mention the lining is soft and fleecy? Oh yes, I might have done, but it is so lovely!

Trespass Chitter Jacket details

As you can probably tell, I really like and rate this coat. I can literally find no fault with it. It’s been absolutely perfect for the school runs, and I’m wearing it on every single other occasion I go out now, too. It keeps me warm, but not so I’m all hot and bothered, I’m very comfortable in it no matter what layers and clothes I have on underneath, I like the colour and style of it, and most importantly in April in the UK, it keeps me dry!

What do you think of it?

Disclosure: I received this coat FOC for the the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions remain my own.

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