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We have received some new school shoes here, boys school shoes for Little Man from Treads Shoes. If you’ve yet to discover Treads Shoes, they have been developed by a single parent tired of buying school shoes that fall apart and having to buy new ones all too regularly. They are available to buy online and the website includes a handy measuring guide to help you to make the right decision when ordering. Here’s our Treads shoes review for you.

Ours arrived within a few days and were well-packaged. Along with the shoes, there were leaflets sharing further information on them and explaining the many features offered which I’ll share with you in a moment. There was also a 12 month guarantee, which I think is a brilliant assurance.

All of the shoes come with free delivery, free returns and offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so you can give them a good trial. And then there’s that 12 month guarantee as they are so confident ‘in the scuff proof breathable performance leather and workmanship of our shoes‘.

OK, so what is it that makes Treads Shoes different? “Treads are constructed using a “strobel” technique where the upper is placed into a mould and the sole is then injected around it creating one unit without the need for any gluing. This not only creates a really strong bond but offers additional flexibility, perfect for active kids.”

There are two touch-fasten styles available like this in sizes 12.5-13 through to 3.5-4. There are then a range of lace up and slip-on shoes in sizes 3 up to Size 11. We opted for the Madrid style, currently priced at £35, reduced from £45.

As you can see, the reason that the sizing allows for an extra half size is because all of the shoes have dual fit technology giving you the option of an extra ½ size to ensure that perfect fit. Clever, eh?

The soles have deep treads offering an excellent grip. I cannot see Little Man slipping over in these!

The verdict? Little Man loves them! They look great and feel comfortable, so it’s ticked his boxes. Treads are marketed at 6-16 year old school boys, and though Little Man is only 5 years old, he’s quite tall so he has big enough feet to already fit into this range. He does seem to grow quickly, as do his feet, so the movement with the extra half size in these shoes should ensure that they do last him a year. Here’s hoping, he needs to slow down growing!

Obviously we have yet to test these out to see how they do over several months. I have to say that first impressions are very good, though. They appear to be very robust and well-constructed and the security of that 12 month guarantee fills me with confidence that they will bear up well. I know my son will certainly put them through their paces.

You can find out more about Treads over on YouTube or visit their website.

What do you think of these? Could they be for your son?

Disclosure: We received these shoes FOC for the purposes of this review


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