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Tomorrow I Will Be 40

Or to put it another way, today’s the last day of being in my thirties.

I have spent the last few days celebrating, as Friday was the Husband’s 41st birthday and then we had the weekend to ourselves whilst the kids stayed at my mum’s. It was lovely. Today we have Little Man with us so we’ll be off out on an adventure before picking up Boo later.

Then tomorrow, on the big day, Little Man will be at nursery, so it’s just the two of us again and I am doing what every self-respecting bookworm does. Visiting a huge second hand bookshop and spending the whole day there – it’s my 40th, I can totally do as I please! I hope there will also be birthday cake after we collect the kids from school and nursery and I am thinking a takeaway would be nice.

I’m not one for big parties, so this is all perfect to me. I have got a few other trips and meals planned with various friends and family over the next couple of weeks, too, as I think a 40th birthday should be a ‘birthmonth’, right?

I do not feel older, I do not feel any sadness or trepidation about entering my forties. I still feel like I’m in my teens anyway half the time, early twenties at most.

It feels funny to say goodbye to the decade of so many changes. My thirties saw me at the peak of my career, having my children, completely changing my life, becoming a blogger and all of these changes have brought so many wonderful friends into my life. I liked my thirties.

When I think of all that my 40th year will bring, I have to smile.

This coming twelve months will see both of my babies at school, a big milestone, which will also give me more time to build this blog. It will see me complete my degree that I have worked so hard on for several years. And it will see me take my children on the holiday of a lifetime to Disney World. I’m thinking 40 won’t be that bad, not bad at all.

How did you feel turning 40? Or is yours coming up?


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