Time For Take Off!

The kids have been enjoying lots of free time, relaxed time, with no preschool and plenty of summery days when we are in no rush to be anywhere. As such, just after breakfast time now becomes a time for them to run about and do whatever they want to.

Boo has a wonderful imagination and loves making up stories and acting them out. The other day the pair of them played for quite some time at ‘holidays’ The living room became a caravan, which the poor dog was banned from (I had to intervene there and allow him in!) and the kitchen was the aeroplane. They’ve never been on an aeroplane, but maybe because Daddy had to fly to work earlier in the week, it was on Boo’s mind. They took luggage with them and here they are having their snack on it!


It’s so lovely to see them doing things like this. I can see how much my gorgeous Little Man is growing up, as he becomes totally engrossed in the game, too. And they remind me so much of my brother and I when we were young. It fills me with love as I find it all so totally endearing, pride that they get along so well, and excitement for them, as I know how great my childhood was with my little sidekick around!

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