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The School-Run

As I write this, I’ve now completed two morning school-runs. Just two, and I have to say, I’m not keen.

Boo is only at pre-school, so she goes for two full days a week. She is at the same nursery that she’s been at since January, but she did two afternoons then and on the one morning she went, I used to drop her off at 9.30 and very wisely miss the madness. I don’t mind the pick-ups, as I’ve time to prepare a little more. But I felt that now it’s her pre-school year, we should get her in at 8.45 and get ourselves used to the full day. Why, oh why have I mentally committed to this?! Yes, I know it’s the right thing to do, but I’m just two days in here, remember, and I’m not loving it.

school runWe’ve left the house at 8.35ish, though my learns so far are that it needs to be more 8.30. If Little Man obliges and wakes up, that would be a help. On the first run, he was still sleeping soundly at 8.15, and whilst I don’t mind him being in his pjs for the journey (is this acceptable, experienced school-runners?), I do mind him not having a nappy change first and he’d definitely mind not having his milk. Which does then lead us on to another problem. He’s still sick, or might be sick, just after his milk. It’s generally controlled as long as he doesn’t move about much for 10-15 minutes after the feed, and he has to have a dummy in, as the sucking helps him to control it. So that 8.15 wake up was a challenge, and I so hate to wake a sleeping baby. If he’s been awake for a little longer, and we can get some breakfast in him, too, then he’ll almost certainly need another nappy change, as he does like to ‘go’ within the first hour of eating. Joy.

The hound is also unhappy and not too obliging where this new routine is concerned. He gets in the way, doesn’t want to go outside to the toilet at this time, and then proceeds to howl as we depart. All adds to the warm-glowing feeling I have at this point.

To be fair, Boo is happy with it. She gets ready quickly, when I ask her to, and will be happily waiting by the door, coat on, bag in hand when the time comes to leave. At least I have that! And though the logistics with Little Man give me a headache, he seems to think it’s a great adventure and doesn’t complain at all.

Once out and in the car (it’s just that little bit too far for Boo to walk, as Little Man’s in the pushchair. I’m hoping by next year when she starts school properly, she’ll be fine and we can walk it), there’s a fair bit of traffic out there. Who knew? – yes, I know you did. And then the parking, and rushing and cars driving up kerbs in their haste to get a spot and drop their kids off is all a hideous chaotic buzz around us. I debate the speedier solution – hold Little Man or pop him in his pushchair, but that’s all based on how near we can get to park to the school (he’s quite a heavy lump now!). It is at about this juncture, that the idea hits..

You know how easy, good, old McDonalds try to make our lives with their drive-through facility? A drive-by drop-off anyone? Imagine the easing of traffic and congestion. Imagine the parents who no longer have to wrestle to get other children out of their cars to do the drop, or those that can’t parallel park, so no longer need to (I tend to be OK at this, but under the pressure of mummy gazes and with traffic building around me, I may just crack…). Now you’re telling me that that’s not practical, that it’s nicer to take the children in and settle them, that teachers and TA’s have better things to be doing at that time in the morning than be standing outside collecting children. I can dream, though, can’t I?

I suppose we’ll just get used to it. I’ve very deliberately not thought about exactly how many runs lie ahead of me, as I think it’s best to just take them one at a time. And I’ve very deliberately not thought about whether it’s the school-run that’s getting to me, or the knowledge that my baby is growing up and apart from me faster than I’d like…

Has it recently been your first run? How’re you finding it? And from those more seasoned at this than I, does it get better??

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