The Pre-Christmas Clearout

It’s that time. I know the children are about to have an influx of toys, books and games, so I look over the playroom and their bedrooms with a critical eye – what can I get rid of?!

playroomI see it as a good opportunity to have a clear-out, and make a little extra cash in the run up to Christmas. This morning, I’ve listed several toys on Gumtree and Netmums (I tried eBay for the first time a few weeks ago, and didn’t seem to actually make anything after fees – I must be missing something there!) so I’ll now wait to see if they sell. If not, I’ll drop them, along with another big bundle I’ve put aside, to our local Re-Use centre.

I have to do all of this covertly, of course. Boo suddenly needs to play with baby toys she’s ignored for years if she sees them out – inevitable! Little Man is oblivious to my nefarious deeds.

It does also mean that I’ve found things they’ve not played with for a while, so it’s been like giving them brand new toys again today, which is nice to see!

It’s given me the de-cluttering bug, though, now. I’ve added doing out my wardrobe to tomorrow’s to-do list, and I’m wondering what the Husband has hidden away in his. The CDs and DVDs can be tackled tomorrow, too, and I’ll pop on over to Music Magpie to sort those.

So things are a little tidier, we’ve now got room for some new toys, and there are even a few empty drawers there. With any luck, we’ll soon be a little better off, too 🙂

Do you do this in preparation for Christmas, too?

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10 thoughts on “The Pre-Christmas Clearout”

    1. Ah, we’ve both been at it! It does lol better, but I’ve still more to do. The units do help! Thanks for hosting #ThriftyThursday

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