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The A-Z of Me

I’ve been tagged in an A to Z of me meme, by the lovely Jaime over at Olivers Madhouse – you can find out more about her A-Z here.

So here’s a little about me then..

happiness is aA – Animals of Farthing Wood. My favourite book from my childhood, and I’m looking forward to introducing the children to it.

B – Books. I’m a reader, a bookworm, a lover of literature. I’m happy in a bookshop, and even happier if I’ve a pocket full of cash to spend in there 😉

C – Cards. I’ve always enjoyed choosing cards, and now I get to be surrounded by them for a living – not bad!

D – Dexter. Loved this show. I like a lot of US TV shows, such as True Blood, Supernatural, Bones and Modern Family.

E – Elton John. Saw him play in Vegas and it was brilliant. I love his music, and always sang ‘Your Song’ to Boo to get her to sleep when she was a baby. We’re also seeing Billy Joel play tonight – Can.Not.Wait. Yep, just 36 years old here…! If my teen self could hear me now, I think she’d kill me! Gigs I used to go to were the likes of The Wonder Stuff, Oasis and Suede – oh, how times have changed…!

F – Flip Flops. When the weather turns a little warmer, that’s it, it’s flip flop season for me! They’ll be all I wear on my feet until it’s clearly to cold to do so any more.

G – Glasses. I wear glasses as I am near blind without them! I kid you not – I actually qualify for free eye tests now, as my sight is that poor.

H – History. I have a real passion for history, which I realise pretty much encompasses every thing that has ever been! Well, to be more specific, I love to roam castles, stroll round museums, read historical fiction, and have a pretty good head for dates.

I – Ice Cream. My favourite food. Ben and Jerrys is always very popular in this house!

J – Jocelyn. That’s me 🙂 I also used to be a ‘James’ as that’s my maiden name. My dad still calls me JJ.

K – Knitting. I decided to take this up this summer. Progress is slow…!

L – Love. I was fortunate enough to meet my soul-mate many years ago, and we’re lucky enough to have our two gorgeous, healthy children now, too.

M – Mortgages and finance. Not especially exciting, but it’s what I spent many years of my life understanding, selling, training and coaching, so I’d like to think this is an area of expertise for me.

N – Nature and the Great Outdoors. It’s really important to me to get the family out there having fun and understanding the nature and wildlife that surrounds us.

O – Organised. I like to be, I aspire to be, and generally, I am 🙂

P – Penguins. Love them.

Q – Quinn, Julia. One of my favourite authors.

R – Regency romance. My favourite reading genre – hence, Julia Quinn.

S – Stationery. I have a penchant for pretty, quirky and gorgeous stationery. I cannot resist it!

T – Tulips. I love tulips, roses and alliums, though any bunch of flowers will always make me very happy!

U – USA. My favourite holiday destination. Prior to the children’s arrival, we loved going there. We’ve been to New York, Orlando (including the fabulous Disneyworld), Las Vegas (several times!), LA, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Orange County. I’d like to visit New England next.

V – Vet. From the age of about 4 until I was a teen, I wanted to be a vet.

W – Wedding. The Husband and I have been married for nearly 12 years now. We got married at Coombe Abbey, and had just 9 guests there. Small and intimate.

X – X Factor. This is the first year since it started that I’ve not watched it at all. I’m not missing it.

Y – Yellow. My favourite colour. Makes me think of sunshine and happiness.

Z – Zoos. They’ve always been one of my favourite ways to spend a day. I’ve been to loads, but I’d say the best one that I’ve been to is San Diego – just amazing!

Random? All part of the fun!

I now tag:

Lisa’s Life

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If you ladies are so inclined..!

Hope you enjoyed my A-Z?!

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