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That’s Another Open University Module Finished!

And I am done! What a feeling.

I have had such mixed feelings about this module, A326 Empire 1492-1975. I was really looking forward to starting it back in October, I remember eagerly leafing through the books, checking my assignment details and getting a feel for the course. Then for the first couple of blocks I really struggled to get into it and my marks on my first two assignments reflected this. I remember thinking that maybe this would just be that module that I had to get through with a basic pass and carry on afterwards. Then, at last, I started to get into it and as my interest went up, so did my grades and my attitude to the whole module.

This has been a third year history course so it has been challenging. There was definitely more reading involved compared to the other modules I have completed so far. Right now, as I type this, I’d say that I preferred last year’s A200 course but that may well be me looking back through rose-tinted glasses, and perhaps in a year’s time I’ll think fondly of A326. We will see.

My assignments have given me a grade that I am happy with, so it now all rests on my final piece, my End of Module Assessment. This was a 3000 word assignment designed to show my understanding of the module as a whole and the skills I’ve developed along the way. It’s instead of an exam, and I’d say that whilst it’s still definitely been stressful, the big advantage has been that I could work flat out to get it finished and sent in early, rather than having to wait for an exam date and a certain time to be finished. So yes, I have submitted it and now all I have to do is wait.

I believe the results come in early to mid-July so it will be a while before I hear anything. I need 40% on this EMA to pass the module, though I am hoping for more to get the grade I’m aiming for. The challenge with an essay that spans the whole module is whether I put in the right bits or did I leave the crucial parts out? Did I analyse the sources enough? Was my argument viable, focused on the question? Did it actually make sense?! There’s a lot riding on just one assignment, but I’ve worked hard on it so we will see.

Until July, I will do my best not to think about it. I have plenty going on before then, including birthday celebrations to look forward to. I will enjoy having a bit more time available each week and make the most of the summer off, because next year, I’m studying full time. Yes, two lots of work to get my head around, two lots of assignments and two EMA’s – I must be mad!


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