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That New Notebook Feeling

Today I’m shouting about Ryman Stationery’s #brandnew campaign, celebrating the launch of their brand new website, so yes, I’ve been browsing over there. It really doesn’t make much to lure me into perusing stationery! The first place that I usually look? Notebooks…

that new notebook feeling

Obviously, I look at plenty more besides, but it’s the promise and the potential that comes with a notebook that gets me every time. A blank book, full of blank pages, is a new beginning. It somehow beckons me to brainstorm, create and consider a whole world of possibilities.

If I start a new hobby, I get a notebook to run alongside it, such as my gardening journal. When I began the #BringBackPaper blog series, I got a new notebook to go with it. In fact, I have several notebooks that I use for this blog, all for slightly different purposes. And then there are the notebooks that I have because I like them, because I might need them, because they are asking to be filled with my thoughts and my scribbles. If it’s something new, I like to scribble about it. Just having a new notebook tempts me to embark upon a new project, to give it a purpose – always fun and enticing!

My favourite and most precious notebooks are for my very favourite people, my children. My husband chose both of my new notebooks for me for them, which also makes them special. They have a notebook each, kept in their memory boxes, that I write in just after their bedtimes on their birthdays each year. I write about what they did to celebrate their birthdays, and share some milestones and special moments from the past year. A notebook charting new lives, new adventures, new celebrations.

A new notebook isn’t just a new notebook to me. It’s the start of a brand new venture, which is always exciting in my book. Oh, and I’ll usually need a few new pens to go with it, too….. 😉

Ca you relate to this? What items are you drawn to first in a stationery shop?

If I’ve got you wanting a notebook!, you can check out Ryman Stationery online for some great stationery and office supplies. You can also say ‘hi’ over on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment on the Ryman Blog.

Little reminder note – this month’s #BringBackPaper activity for any and all to get involved in is a book swap. It’s as simple as sending a pre-loved book over to someone that I pair you up with, and you’ll receive one in return. Any genre goes, as long as it’s fiction, so it makes for a fun ‘lucky dip’ for bookworms! Just email me at to get involved (and you needn’t be a blogger to come swap!).


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