Tuff spot

Easy Tuff Spot Activity

We bought a tuff spot some time ago, and I must admit it’s tucked away so well, I’d pretty much forgotten about it. But having had a few days of staying in the house with us full of colds, I thought it’d be nice to get it out for Little Man, as something new and …

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Outdoor Tuff Spot Painting

The children love getting out into the garden as much as they can, as do I. They bake in their mudpie kitchen, blow bubbles, ride about on their scooters and bikes, play with their croquet, golf and balls, jump on their trampoline and tootle in and out of their little playhouse. Oh, and dig up my …

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Tuff Spot Recycling Play

We recently bought a tuff spot. I’d seen lots of play posts using them, though I wasn’t entirely convinced of their use, to be honest. But, after seeing a few ideas that appealed to me, and attending a play session at Boo’s preschool where she played at a tuff spot for ages, I decided to …

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