The Woodland Trust

Our Nature Detectives Outing and Wild Art

As I mentioned last week, we’ve now got a Woodland Trust family membership. This means that there was much excitement a couple of days ago when the kids’ Nature Detectives packs arrived….. The pack included an activity booklet, a bookmark, a passport and some stickers. The booklets are tailored to ages, so Boo and Little Man each had a different booklet, which they loved. We decided to go off to our nearest woodland and create our own woodland treasure chests. You can find where your nearest woodland is by searching here. We then chatted about what we would want to collect, Read more >

The Woodland Trust #NatureDetectives

What do you know about the Woodland Trust? If you were anything like me a few weeks ago, your answer may be very little. It turns out that they’re fabulous and fun once you find out a bit more, so I thought I’d share a little about them today with you. The Woodland Trust is Britain’s largest charity protecting our woodland and the wildlife that lives there. Over 250 of our most threatened species depend on our native woods for their survival. Yet in the past 70 years, more than half of our ancient woodland has been destroyed. They are all Read more >

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