Treads Shoes Review

We have received some new school shoes here, boys school shoes for Little Man so we are sharing our Treads Shoes review today. If you’ve yet to discover Treads Shoes, they have been developed by a single parent tired of buying school shoes that fall apart and having to buy new ones all too regularly. …

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The School Reports Are In

We had the kids’ school reports on Friday evening. It was Little Man’s first one, as he’s in Reception, so I was especially looking forward to seeing what his would say, and I always like seeing how Boo’s getting on. My two children couldn’t be more different to one another. They are like chalk and …

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The School Run Mums

It’s a funny old thing, the school run. With Boo now in Year 3, I’m into my fourth year of doing them, and to be honest, they felt like old-hat two weeks in, so nowadays they are very familiar ground. Of course, with Little Man recently starting in Reception, it’s added a new dimension to …

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