‘If I Could…’

In my head, this is called the Walter Mitty post. You know, the eternal daydreamer, living life through many different guises, though all in his head? I will kick off by saying, though, that unlike Walter, I am actually happy with my life! So accepting that in reality, there’s no-one I’d rather be, or nowhere I’d rather be than right here with my family, this is just a little bit of daydreaming…. If I could live anywhere: I’m thinking Paris. Whilst I’m tempted by sunshine as I do love the summer, I suspect that I’d miss frosty mornings and wrapping Read more >

One Lovely Blog Award

The rather lovely Karen over at CraftyMama has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award – thanks, Karen! The rules are simple enough: – Link back to and thank the person nominating you. – Share 7 things about yourself – Nominate a further 10 bloggers for this award. To accept this award, I need to share with you 7 random things about me, and as I’ve been blogging for a while now and shared various bits and bobs, I’ll do my best to make it 7 things I’ve not talked about before. Here goes! 1. I’d rather run than Read more >

The Q&A Meme

The lovely Sophie, over at Sophie Is has tagged me to share a few answers to her questions with you, in the Q&A meme, so I thought I’d have a go and reveal all…! Where in the world would you most like to be right now? Well, always anywhere that my family are, and fortunately that’s right here! But if we could all be transported, it’d be to Las Vegas, stood outside the Bellagio hotel, watching the fountains show. I was just showing the kids a YouTube clip of it, and telling them why the Husband and I like the song Read more >

What Am I Doing Now?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely The World According to Izzie Anderton to share with you what I’m doing now… Currently I Am: Sitting here writing this, whilst the kids are playing with their stickle bricks and dancing to Go!Go!Go! Reading: I’m reading a novel – Nicola Cornick’s Dauntsey Park, a magazine – Garden News (which I LOVE! Used my Tesco vouchers for a subscription, and as well as the great weekly magazine, there’s usually a pack of free seeds with it!), and a reference book – I’ve been dipping into The Language of Flowers. Listening to: Nick Jr’s Go!, Go!, Go!, over and over Read more >

My Fictional World

Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that’s loved by you. You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. That’s the quote from #ThePrompt this week. Now, family aside, happiness for me will always reside in a book… As regular readers will know, I love escaping within the pages of a good book. I can be sat on my sofa, but be dining in Paris, dancing through the streets of Brazil or strolling in the sunshine in Miami. Or, even in a totally fantastical world, like none I’ve ever experienced before. My favourite, is to be here in the UK, but around Read more >

My Desert Island Discs

I’ve been tagged by YouBabyMeMummy to share my 8 Desert Island Discs. No easy task. As a teen, I was all about music. My best friend and I would be up early every Wednesday, even in the school holidays, desperate to get to the newsagents and get our copies of the NME and Melody Maker. We read every story, lived for the next gig we could go to, and would always have one to look forward to. Festivals were the pinnacle, and I vividly remember one summer, we couldn’t afford to get to one, so we recreated our own in my Read more >

Blog Your Heart Out

The lovely Karen over at TwinLifeOnline tagged me in this meme about blogging, which I’ve enjoyed writing, as it’s made me really stop and think! Here are the questions and my answers… What/Who encouraged you to start blogging? I actually started with a blog for my business, last April, and found that I liked writing and getting involved with the blogging community, so I then moved on and started up this family blog, too, in July 2013. How did you choose what topics to blog about? I knew at the start that I’d want to blog about what we get Read more >

Before You Were Born Meme

I’ve been tagged by the lovely MamaMummyMum in this ‘Before you were born’ meme. It took me a few moments to actually recall such a time that we were without our children, but given that we were together for over a decade before we decided to start a family, we should have plenty of memories to draw on, so I’ll give this a whirl..! What’s your favourite holiday destination and why? I know I’ve mentioned this before here, but it’d definitely be the USA. Now, I know that’s a vast area of holiday destination, and we’ve been to a fair Read more >

The A-Z of Me

I’ve been tagged in an A to Z of me meme, by the lovely Jaime over at Olivers Madhouse – you can find out more about her A-Z here. So here’s a little about me then.. A – Animals of Farthing Wood. My favourite book from my childhood, and I’m looking forward to introducing the children to it. B – Books. I’m a reader, a bookworm, a lover of literature. I’m happy in a bookshop, and even happier if I’ve a pocket full of cash to spend in there 😉 C – Cards. I’ve always enjoyed choosing cards, and now Read more >

My Guilty Pleasures

It seems I’ve accidentally committed to sharing these, after a thoughtless remark on Twitter. I mentioned I’d just had the idea to write a blog post confessing a few guilty pleasures, and a fair few people liked the concept! It’s the type of thing that’s just begging to be made into a Meme, so I will be tagging a few others and asking them to share their guilt, too, and come and link up. So this will now be the page full of guilty pleasures! Though, Caroline over on Twitter did make a very good point when she said ‘I Read more >

All About Me

The fabulous Gina, over at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies, has tagged me in an All About Me meme. You can read all about it here, and find out more about Gina. The idea is based on the All About Me’s that children are often asked to write when they first start school, so Gina is now asking us to share ours – like it, Gina :-). So here are the questions, and ‘All About Me’… 1) First off tell us your name (an easy one)… Jocelyn Reading 2) I live at home with… The husband, Boo, Little Man and Read more >

My Ultimate Summer Driving List

I have been tagged by the lovely Gina, over at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies to share with you my ultimate summer driving list. I love that Gina’s got me involved, as these meme’s are always fun to blog about it, though I fear it’s going to expose me and my somewhat eclectic musical preferences..! There’s also a linky over at The Boy and Me, as she got us all going on this, and so she shares her list including, amongst other classics, Chesney Hawkes :-)! Here goes, people – remember you liked me before, so don’t desert me now: Read more >

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