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Scavenger Hunts for PreSchool Learning

Little Man and I have been having some fun learning and cementing a few preschool basics. Along with plenty of free and imaginary play when we’re home, as these are the things he happily gravitates towards, we’ve been working on a few of the basics that will help to ease him into school life this September. As with most learning, he takes it in much better when he can move and run about and turn it into a game, in this case, a scavenger hunt. As you can see from the picture, we have a handily coloured rug that means Read more >

Scavenger Hunts for Preschool Learning

Christmas Ideas & Inspiration

Today I am delighted to be joining in with a gorgeous group of talented bloggers as we share a little Christmas inspiration for you. For my part I am going to be talking kids Christmas craft activities, all of which are nice and easy to do and have been big hits with my two. For full details of each activity, simply click on the link or image and it will take you through to the original blog post. First up, you could try making a Christmas centrepiece… This was so lovely to do with my daughter a few years ago, and Read more >

Button Activities for Kids

If you saw my The Works vlog a couple of weeks ago you’ll know that I randomly picked up a bag of buttons whilst shopping, thinking I could use them with the kids for….something. Yes, you see whilst I could see that they could be fun, that’s about as far as my thoughts had got. The biggest thing I have learned since having kids and doing crafts and activities with them is that they rarely actually go the way that I plan them. Very rarely. I can spend ages scrolling through Pinterest for ideas or come up with, what I Read more >

Easy & Affordable Kids Activities

With half term just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few easy and inexpensive ideas for keeping the kids entertained during their time off. I had a little look back over some of the things that we have tried and enjoyed, and I’m really glad that I did as I had forgotten a fair few of them! Thanks to writing this, I can now see us having a full and fun week, without it costing the earth. So here are a few suggestions that you might like to try, just click on the activity and it’ll take you through Read more >

Painting Fun Without Paintbrushes

My kids love painting. I love watching them, seeing the scenes that they create, the mess that they get into, the smiles on their faces as they do it. So yesterday I thought I’d let them loose on the lining paper, but make things a little different this time. I invited them to paint without paintbrushes… I gathered together various bits and bobs from around the house that we no longer needed and that I thought might be interesting for them. I asked them to look about, too, and Boo came up with the idea to use their toothbrushes – Read more >

Top Tips for Painting with a Toddler, for the mess-averse parent! These tips for painting with children should make it easier and less messy!

Top Tips for Painting with a Toddler

Little Man’s totally into his art and painting at the moment, so I thought today I’d share with you a few of my top tips for painting with a toddler, as I know that the prospect of the mess can be off-putting and it can feel like a hassle. It’s now pretty simple to set up and do here, and no, I’m not one of those wonderful mums that I totally envy who just goes with the flow with their kids anyway; I’m organised, neat and I like to control! So here are my tips for ensuring that your little Read more >

Garden Design Fun For Kids

With Boo now at school, I’m trying to plan a little activity for her to return home to each day. One that has the kids sitting down for a bit and making the most of each other’s company. It also means that coming home to something to do keeps them both busy whilst I get the dinner sorted – clever planning! As we’ve done a couple of times now, we had fun with an activity based on a picture book we’ve been enjoying reading. My mum has loads of books for the kids at her house, and one of them is Read more >

Outdoor Tuff Spot Painting

The children love getting out into the garden as much as they can, as do I. They bake in their mudpie kitchen, blow bubbles, ride about on their scooters and bikes, play with their croquet, golf and balls, jump on their trampoline and tootle in and out of their little playhouse. Oh, and dig up my flowers – that bit is not so good! Something that they’ve yet to do outside, is play with their tuff spot. On a whim, I thought we’d try it… If you’ve no idea what a tuff spot is, it’s basically a cement mixing tray. We Read more >

9 Indoor Activities To Do With A 16 Month-Old

My son is pretty active. He’s exceptionally ‘climby’ – I know that’s not a word, but he is! So, I find myself looking for activities that will keep him occupied for longer than 1 minute, and steer him away from chairs, stairs and steps! So these are my suggestions for you, 9 indoor activities to do with a 16 month old…   This is what we have discovered: 1. Drawing. OK, so he’s not actually ‘drawing’, but scribbling. It’s fantastic for improving his fine motor skills, and he holds a crayon pretty well now. He delights in choosing different colours Read more >

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9 Indoor Activities to do with a 16 Month Old