Our Perfect Holiday

When I started to ponder what would make our perfect holiday, the answer fell into two distinct camps for me – before children and after children! Before the kids came along, the Husband and I went on a variety of holidays, each one special. There were the beach holidays, perfect for lazing around, splashing in …

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Happy Holiday Snaps

I was at my mum’s the other day when the kids found her photo stash. We all enjoyed looking through them, seeing mine and my brother’s childhood laid before us on paper, filled with so many family holidays from our past. Looking back over our old family photos, so many of them were bad! Blurry, heads …

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Sunny Holiday Daydreams

It’s actually sunny! I’ve had my flip flops on and the sun tan lotion has been in use. And it’s only mid-April, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised. When the sunshine comes, and we’re getting out into the garden, my thoughts turn to holidays, and I’m sure I’m not alone. We’ve yet to take our children …

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