Mysteries in Time Review

I spotted Mysteries in Time on Twitter recently and it immediately grabbed my attention. With a daughter with a thirst for knowledge, me as a history student, and both of us loving books, activities and exciting post, it seemed to be right up our street. I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t wrong, as Boo …

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Papery Peep February 2016

For today’s Papery Peep I thought I’d share with you my Open University study box, as it’s a pretty important bundle of paper in my life at the moment. I study out of a box, on our battered old kitchen table. I find that keeping everything that I need in one place like this makes …

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The Cathedral Visit

With the somewhat dodgy weather we’ve had here this past week, coupled with it being the week before Christmas, our options for outings have been a little limited. We’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of visits to the park, and one to soft-play, but then what? I’m not going to be ‘popping’ to the …

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