Easy Rice Pudding Recipe

This post contains affiliate links For those of you who follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories, today’s post will come as no surprise to you. In fact, many of you have been asking me for an easy rice pudding recipe and it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?! Lately, I have …

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Choc-Anana Fudge Cake

As I’ve been having a few bursts of creativity lately, I decided to have a go at making up my own cake recipe, and it actually turned out to be delicious! And even better than that, it was really easy to make. I decided to adapt my popular banana loaf recipe and make it a chocolate fudge …

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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now for those of you amongst us reading this, who wonder why I’ve entitled this ‘easy..’, as you know that cookies are always easy, I’ve added that for bakers such as myself who are perhaps prone to the odd cake mishap and always have an eye out for a simple, 10 minutes, yummy snack recipe. …

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