Fruity Wheat Bisks

I shared earlier this week that we’ve been working with Princes and their #mumsontherun campaign. They are encouraging us to keep canned fruit in for easy and speedy breakfasts, ensuring less food waste whilst helping us to get one of our five a day. The kids have really been enjoying getting involved in creating breakfast …

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On Sibling Love

I have no doubt mentioned here before that I have a brother. A little brother, though to be fair, he is a tad taller than me now! My brother and I have the same age gap as my children. Well, if we’re being absolutely exact, our age gap is 2 years, 11 months and 2 …

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Pokemon Go Has Got Me

The Husband came home a few evenings ago and showed me his phone with a Squirtle on our lawn. He threw a ball at it and trapped it, popping him in his Pokedex. He was so pleased with himself. He is 40 years old. A few hours later, he randomly started walking around the house …

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