Easter Fun with Cadbury Peter Rabbit!

Oh my, we had the BEST delivery last week, a bundle full of Cadbury Easter eggs. Can there be anything better than being picked up from school and told that when you get home you’ll be having some Easter fun and going on an Easter egg hunt? Not your average Wednesday afternoon, so the kids were thrilled! We kicked it off by getting their Easter bonnets ready, and then they happily donned them and embarked upon their Easter egg hunt. They were beyond excited! I hid the eggs around the house, and had fun playing ‘warmer/colder’ with them. This is Read more >

Easy Easter Crafts

With the children back at school after half term, I realise that Easter is fast on its way, as it falls quite early this year. It only seems timely then that I share with you a few ideas of Easter activities for kids… Make an Easter Chick card Ah, this one is so sweet! We did this one a couple of years ago actually, and now that I’m looking back on it, I’m thinking that I should do the same thing again this year but getting Little Man to do it. It is such an effective card, and if I Read more >

Easter Egg Crafting

With Easter fast-approaching, Easter bonnet-making on our agenda for school and eggs in all of the shops, I decided to get the kids set up one afternoon last week with this little Easter egg crafting station, all ready and waiting for them when we returned from the school run…. It was a hit, and they were both very excited and intrigued. The task was simple enough, to create their own Easter egg picture, based on the real-life creme egg model there, with any and all of the materials available to them. And to make it even more interesting, the best picture would Read more >

Making an Easter Chick Card

This morning we received a box full of Easter goodies for the children, from my aunt. It was full to the brim of activities, treats and chocolate, so they were delighted! I felt that it called for a nice, personal thank you card, which Boo was more than happy to get involved with (Little Man was napping, so the coast was clear!) We used: 1 Piece of White Paper A Splodge of Yellow Paint 1 Paintbrush 1 Googly Eye A Dab of Glue 1 Orange Felt Tip 1 Foot! We started by folding the piece of paper in half, and Read more >

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