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Rapidough Review

We have a new game here, a creative one, and we’ve been having fun playing it. We’re sharing our Rapidough review, a game from Drumond Park, and I also have a game up for grabs, so do read on… Guess too slow and you lose some dough! The original modelling guessing game; an all-time classic, …

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SHOUT! Review & Give-Away

Those clever people over at Drumond Park have been at it again and released a fun new board game. SHOUT! SHOUT is the brilliant new team game of quirky questions and cunning challenges that will have everyone in stitches. SHOUT uses a unique new stand that acts as a timer, keeps the score and displays …

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Pumpaloons Review & Give-Away

The children have been having an absolute blast with Pumpaloons from Drumond Park… Pumpaloons  The stomping, romping, pushing, pumping, sitting, squashing game for kids! It is a race to blow up Stripeyloon and Spottyloon and the first player to make their Pumpaloon stand all the way up is the winner. Push with your hands, stomp …

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Doh Nutters Review & Give-Away

We’ve had another brilliant game that we’ve been playing and enjoying from Drumond Park, Doh Nutters.. Doh Nutters DOH NUTTERS is the immensely popular elephantastic kids’ action game. Play the part of crazy, doughnut-loving elephants in this hilarious fun, fast action game. Each player takes a mask and three doughnuts that are the same colour …

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