Christmas Ideas & Inspiration

Today I am delighted to be joining in with a gorgeous group of talented bloggers as we share a little Christmas inspiration for you. For my part I am going to be talking kids Christmas craft activities, all of which are nice and easy to do and have been big hits with my two. For full details of each activity, simply click on the link or image and it will take you through to the original blog post. First up, you could try making a Christmas centrepiece… This was so lovely to do with my daughter a few years ago, and Read more >

Pipe Cleaner Learning for Pre-Schoolers

Last week I stumbled upon the idea of using pipe cleaners for a variety of pre-school learning activities totally by accident, and then I was so pleased with how it worked out that I thought I’d best share! Little Man and I are currently having fun learning about shapes, so we were decorating a card that he’d made for his sister with little shaped gemstones and in doing so had the craft supplies scattered all over the table. Amongst them were some brightly coloured pipe cleaners so we decided to use them to make some shapes, too… As you’d expect, Read more >

Easy Easter Crafts

With the children back at school after half term, I realise that Easter is fast on its way, as it falls quite early this year. It only seems timely then that I share with you a few ideas of Easter activities for kids… Make an Easter Chick card Ah, this one is so sweet! We did this one a couple of years ago actually, and now that I’m looking back on it, I’m thinking that I should do the same thing again this year but getting Little Man to do it. It is such an effective card, and if I Read more >

Making Kids Christmas Placemats

Last weekend the kids and I made a handprint Christmas tree, and while doing so, we created lots of paper with handprints on, as you would. We used several for our tree but still had some left over and I felt a bit sad to throw them away. Then the idea struck me that we could make something else with them. Christmas placements. This will be the first year that we are hosting Christmas, and I’m looking forward to setting the table. Boo and I have been out and chosen a festive table runner, candle, crackers and napkins, and now Read more >

Bonfire Night Crafting

With Bonfire Night fast approaching, I thought it’d be fun to get crafty with Little Man and create some fireworks inspired art. At just turned 3, anything that involves glue and glitter has my son very excited! It’s also a fun way to craft, as I can pop the glue in the areas he directs which allows us to make some sort of recognisable scene. Ish. So we got going, and all we needed for this one was black paper, shredded orange paper, glitter, sequins and glue… First up, Little Man decided where to place his bonfire, popping plenty of paper on Read more >

Sand Art

We recently bought some coloured sand, as part of my Viking review, and having not really experimented with it before, Boo and I were keen to test it out and have a play. I knew it could be fun as Boo is very creative and loves her art and crafts, but I confess, I hadn’t entirely thought through what we were actually going to do with it! So, I got Boo excited about doing something with it, made sure Little Man was having a nap (I’m not comfortable watching him throw and eat this!) and grabbed it. Fortunately, the ideas Read more >