A Handprint Christmas Tree

With Christmas approaching, yesterday the kids and I decided to give a handprint Christmas tree a whirl. I love the idea of crafts with hand or footprints involved, as I see it as a way to preserve a moment in time, a memento to keep. I toyed with doing footprints initially, but the logistics of that seemed a lot trickier and messier than handprints, so the hands won out! Thinking it through, I decided to get the children to do lots of handprints on paper for me, so that we could then choose the best ones and cut them out for Read more >

Muppet Christmas Carol Day

Everyone has this day, right? In the build up to Christmas? A family tradition, and an official ‘day’? No?! Why not??! Muppet Christmas Carol Day is a big deal in my family. It started when my brother and I still lived at home, though we struggle to recall exactly when it began. It already existed by the time I met the Husband, and as that was back in ’97, we can safely say it’s a fairly longstanding tradition! The Husband was soon introduced to it, and then my brother’s wife, and now my children. It tends to be the second Read more >

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