The Blog Plans…After Uni

As I move into my final few weeks of my Open University course, it’s fair to say that my attention is largely being diverted that way. So firstly I’d ask, please do bear with me. I will still be sharing and posting here, I will still be popping up on social media, but it may just not be quite as often. Though if you check out my Instastories, you’ll probably see streams of me studying there, so yes, that’s what I’ll be up to and where you can find me. All being well, I’ll complete my degree mid-May, and then Read more >

Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

Yes, today is this little blog’s birthday, four years old today. Those four years have flown by and I can’t really imagine not blogging. My daughter was a preschooler when I started this and my son a baby. Boo’s about to go into KS2 and Little Man’s starting school soon. This blog has grown up with them. This blog has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, introduced me to great products and places, taught me new skills, kept me busy and happy, and has even managed to give me lovely friends. Clever blog! Blogging is a strange old world, one that Read more >

Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?

Is blogging the best job in the world? Hmm, not that I’m biased or anything, but I think it comes close for me. The Ambition I read a survey recently about the jobs that the next generation are most keen to do. Being a blogger made it into the top five on that list. It’s funny as when I was little, this wasn’t even a thing, people barely even had computers back then let alone the World Wide Web! My kids see me doing this, but I have to say, they’ve not expressed any desire to be bloggers. Maybe they Read more >

Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?

Blog Highlights of 2016!

Ah, a chance to look back over the past year here on the blog and share a few of my blogging highlights, most popular posts and the things that have made me happy. Blog Highlights Where to start? There have been so many great things about blogging this year that I know I’ll miss things out here, so do feel free to remind me. Firstly, as always, it’s the people that blogging brings to you that make it the best. I have some lovely friends who are bloggers, I’ve met so many more great people through various blog events over Read more >

I Switched Web Hosting & It Wasn’t Painful!

A couple of weeks ago I started having problems with my blog so I turned to my web hosting company for support. I received very little help and a very frustrating ‘live chat’ only option, which I found time-consuming, unhelpful and inconvenient. With the problem still unresolved, and having had a few issues before, I started to think about switching web hosting companies. At this point, having tweeted to my current provider about my problems, a representative from another web hosting site got in touch with me. It was an opportunity for me to ask lots of questions and do Read more >

This is Why I Blog

Last week was half term. We caught up with friends, we baked, we crafted, we read, we drew, we played and we lounged. Nothing special, all completely ordinary, and I loved it. Here’s a little moment, completely average, but one that felt just so right… As I say, ordinary. Boo absorbed with her books, Little Man playing with his own construction, both content in their own little worlds. Both ignoring me photographing them – I’m a blogger, I take LOADS of photos! So what’s so special about this moment? Nothing. That’s kinda the point. Let me explain by taking a Read more >

Using BoardBooster for Pinterest

As a blogger, a parent, a reader, a baker, a home-owner and more besides, I love Pinterest. I wrote  ‘Why Every Mum Needs Pinterest in her Life‘  a while back and I shared my Blogger’s Guide to Pinterest, too. So having established that I am a fan and that I find it useful, today I wanted to share with you how I’ve been using a tool called BoardBooster to help me to manage my Pins and boost my blog traffic. Why do I use Boardbooster? Pinterest is consistently a good source of traffic for me. It tends to come in Read more >

Blogger's Guide to Creating a Media Pack

Bloggers Guide To Creating a Media Pack

I’ve spotted a few people asking about this over on my Twitter timeline, so I thought I’d add this one to my Blogging Tips series and attempt to help out by sharing a bloggers guide to creating a media pack… If you’re a blogger and you’re looking to work with brands, PRs and companies that you love, then it’s well worth putting together a media pack for your blog. You may have people approach you asking you for your media pack, or perhaps your social followers and page statistics. In either case, attaching a ready made pack and replying with that makes your Read more >

15 Top Tips From Bloggers For Bloggers

I’ve been pulling together some of the best blogging tips from my series, The Blog Lowdown, over the last few weeks, and today sees the final instalment…. 1. If you have ideas for posts but no time, write titles and draft them! (More Than Just A Mummy) 2. Get a schedule and stick to it! Commit to a few linkys and get into a routine….I have a feeling this will happen for me once the girls hit uni! In spare moments (what?!) write a couple of posts which you can keep in reserve so you have something to go when Read more >

10 Tips for Participating in Blog Linkies

10 Tips For Participating In Blog Linkies

This is the third round-up post of The Blog Lowdown series, and today we’re talking about Linkies…..   1. Join in with linkies. They are a fantastic way to get to know other blogs and for others to find you. But, you will only get out of them what you put in, don’t link dump! Comment, comment, comment! If you engage with other bloggers, they will come and engage with you. Start a discussion, if you love a post share it on Twitter or G+, show the blog love and it will come back to you Try your best to reciprocate Read more >

The Blog Lowdown – Hide-N-(Sensory)-Seeking

Today on The Blog Lowdown, I’m pleased to be bringing you the lovely Judith, from Hide-N-(Sensory)-Seeking.… Please Introduce yourself: My name is Judith. I grew up in Alaska, USA, though we now reside in as far an opposite climate as one can imagine, in hot and humid Louisiana, USA. I play at the piano, but I’m much better at violin, which I play in an all-volunteer orchestra. My son makes my coffee every morning, and my hubby brings it to me in bed many mornings. Sad proof that all attempts have been thoroughly exhausted to turn me into a morning person. Read more >

The Blog Lowdown – In The Moment Mum

Today on The Blog Lowdown, I’m really pleased to be bringing you the lovely Claudine from In The Moment Mum… Please Introduce yourself: My name is Claudine Fernandez and I am a stay at home mum to a delightful, giggly and curious 17 month old. Before having my child, I worked as a senior account manager in the media. I am an author and blogging has given me an opportunity to fulfill my passion. When did you start blogging? I only started blogging a few weeks ago Tell us a little about your blog My blog is written to inspire Read more >

The Blog Lowdown – Mama, You Talk?

Today on The Blog Lowdown, I’m really pleased to be bringing you the lovely Ellen from Mama, You Talk?… Please Introduce yourself: My name’s Ellen & I blog at Mama, You Talk? I live in North Wales with my husband, 3 kids and our 2 dogs. When did you start blogging? 3 years ago, although I still feel like a newbie! I started reading blogs & thought I’ll have a crack at this, although my first year was a bit hit ‘n’ miss with how often I blogged, I eventually found my feet. Tell us a little about your blog It’s Read more >

How to Write a Brilliant About Me Page - a guide for bloggers

How To Write A Brilliant ‘About Me’ Page

As I mentioned in my Top 20 Tips for Bloggers, all too often I visit a blog and am a tad disappointed by with ‘About Me’ page. So, I thought I’d share a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way, in my guide How to Write a Brilliant ‘About Me’ page…   1. Actually have an ‘About Me’ page. Seems obvious, I know, but they’re not always there, and sometimes they’re just blank. My About Me page receives hits every single day, so it’d be fair to say that people do want to know about the person behind Read more >

The Blog Lowdown – AutismMumma

Today on The Blog Lowdown, I’m really pleased to be bringing you the lovely Jeanette from AutismMumma Please Introduce yourself: Hi, I’m Jeannette and I blog at AutismMumma. As the title suggests, I’m Mumma to two children with autism, T who has high functioning autism and is nearly 12 (just about to start secondary school *sniffs*) and D, aged 10, who has the classical form of autism with delayed speech, delayed motor skills and shed loads of anxieties. I also have an older child (C), who’s left home. When did you start blogging? I started blogging about 2.5 years ago, Read more >

The Blog Lowdown – Family Fever

Today on The Blog Lowdown, I’m really pleased to be bringing you the lovely Kate from Family Fever… Please Introduce yourself: Hi, I am Kate and I blog over at Family Fever. I am a mum to Gemma (8), Jacob (6) and Max (1) and we live in Devon. When did you start blogging? I started blogging about 18 months ago, when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I used it as an online memory bank, recording all the things we got up to, what my pregnancy was like and little things the children got up to. Tell us Read more >