Our Nature Detectives Outing and Wild Art

As I mentioned last week, we’ve now got a Woodland Trust family membership. This means that there was much excitement a couple of days ago when the kids’ Nature Detectives packs arrived….. The pack included an activity booklet, a bookmark, a passport and some stickers. The booklets are tailored to ages, so Boo and Little Man each had a different booklet, which they loved. We decided to go off to our nearest woodland and create our own woodland treasure chests. You can find where your nearest woodland is by searching here. We then chatted about what we would want to collect, Read more >

Boo Draws Family

This month’s Draw With Me theme over at This Mummy Loves is Family. This was one that Boo relished, as she does like to draw faces, and adds in all the details, nostrils included! She also took care to give us all the correct hair and eye colours – she loved it! We have me, then Boo at the top, then Daddy and Little Man right down there with his little face in the corner. Not bad for a 4 year old!

The Next Picasso?

The 3 year-old is into her drawing and colouring-in in quite a big way. She adores it. She has endless colouring books, blank pads, crayons and also a blackboard for her to indulge all of her creative urges. The blackboard is responsible for regular doodles (the husband has been known to partake, too..!). Now, I have zero artistic abilities, but as the husband is a sign writer and all of his qualifications are art and graphics based, I’ve an inkling he may be responsible for this leaning in Boo! This week, she decided to draw me, and the husband feels Read more >

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