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Studenthood = New Stationery!

You may have read about my deliberations and cogitations over resuming my Open University degree recently. Well, after much toing and froing, I’ve decided that I am going to go for it, as I believe I’ll regret it if I don’t at least give it a shot. Which means that I am now awaiting my study materials, which will be sent out day day now, and I’m eager to get cracking. And with studying comes stationery, right?

One of my favourite things to do, every summer holidays when I was at school, was going stationery shopping ready for the new term. I still smile fondly as I think back to it and still recall some of my stationery favourite buys – I realise that this is totally unsurprising to you if you know me at all! I can’t have been alone, though, surely? Did you enjoy this, too? Anyway, getting back to my degree is most certainly an excuse for buying more stationery for myself, as well as indulging my gorgeous girl in her ever-burgeoning love of stationery (I am so proud).

Zazzle have not let me down, as I’ve had a good old look around their Back to School rangeย and beyond. For young children, I am loving the look of…

zazzle back to school

I like the look of that watch for myself, truth be told.

Thanks to Zazzle, Boo and I now both have new notebooks and other stationery delights. Here’s an idea of our selections…

zazzle picks

What always amazes me about Zazzle is the huge range and variety available there. They seem to have everything covered. Knowing that my girl adores her new guinea pigs, I used the search box, typing in guinea pigs, and wow, so much to choose from! Amongst other things, sheย now has a new notebook, tote bag and sweet postcard that she plans to use as a bookmark…

Guinea Pigs at Zazzle

Every single item that I have received has come well-packaged (do remember when ordering with Zazzle that it’s a marketplace so often your items will come from different suppliers, posted separately), and exactly as I’d expected from the descriptions and images. You can personalise most things on there, too, so whether that be changing colours, or adding your own wording and images, the possibilities are endless!

Are you stationery-ready for the new term?

Disclosure: I received the products for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own


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