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The Stationery That I Couldn’t Be Without!

OK, OK, obviously I want all of my stationery and so much more, but I have made myself think really hard about this. Really hard. So today I am sharing with you the stationery that I couldn’t be without, those items that I either use the most or the ones that simply make me the happiest.

My Bullet Journal
Where would I be without my bullet journal? What did I do without it?! This is always out and open in the kitchen, ready to keep me on track for the day and it’s a great place to capture memories along the way. I’m using a Rhodia at the moment, and I always use my Lamy Safari Fountain pen with it.

My Study Stationery
I need this, obviously. I have a very pretty box that I keep my Open University module materials and stationery in, and I love the box let alone the contents. I then have a notepad, pen, sticky notes and tabs and a highlighter in there, all so very handy and they help me to feel organised.

My Blog Diary
Aside from the fact that it is adorable, I need this diary. I use it pretty much daily, and it sits on my desk whenever I’m working.

My Writing Sets
I have so many of these, so many. And yes, I do actually need them as I write to quite a few people regularly, but I am aware that I have a fair few more than I actually need. They are my stationery weakness! In fact, I am sharing them all with you in a video this evening – you will see that I have enough.

My Washi Tape
I don’t need washi tape, I do know that. But if I were to pick stationery that’s completely frivolous and simply makes me smile, then it would have to be washi tape.

The Other Bits
I then have notepads and pens to hand in the kitchen which we all grab when we need them, memo blocks and paper clips on my desk that come in handy, and I can’t imagine not keeping a book journal or the kids birthday journals. It turns out, when I think about it, that I use quite a bit of stationery….

What stationery items could you not be without?


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