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The Snow Story

We thought it’d be fun to take part in House of Fraser’s Snow Story campaign, celebrating their toy section. The campaign is to decide the ending of their Snow Story, all about Fraser Bear and Baby Bear. Boo does love her stories, and she’ll take any opportunity to be creative and draw.

I read the story out to her, all about how Fraser Bear tried to explain about snow to Baby Bear, as Baby Bear has never seen it before. She listened intently to the tale, all the while wondering what she needed to do. We chatted about snow, and what she liked about it, and thought about how it could be explained.

Boo pondered for a while…

boo pondering

And then decided that the very best way to illustrate snow would be a snowman, so got to it…

boo drawing Snow Story

She spent time adding details such as a stripy scarf and patterned hat, and of course, the carrot nose. Once that was completed, she was in full flow, and the ideas kept on coming! So she added a couple of mounds of snow, a sleigh with someone lying down in it (she giggles every time she explains that part!) and then a reindeer to pull it – Rudolph, of course. So here’s the finished piece, the ending to our Snow Story, by 5 year old Boo….

Snow Story ending

And a few final words ‘Fraser Bear told Baby Bear about all of the fun to be had when playing in the snow, and at last Baby Bear understood.’

So there it is, Boo’s happy ending for Fraser Bear and Baby Bear. Surely now Baby Bear at least loves snow?!

Disclosure: We received a gift as compensation for this post. 


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