Siblings October 2019

How has it been a full month since I last shared a siblings update? The time is flying by, we’re hurtling towards the end of the year.

This month we have had Boo’s 10th birthday. She had a lovely time celebrating it and Little Man was suitably enthusiastic as she opened every gift. He didn’t even try to open any himself, a sure sign that he is growing up! One of the things that she wanted to do was to have a sleepover with her brother. I love that they like to do things like this together and that this was important to her. They were very good, going straight to sleep, though I am not sure how well they actually slept that night wriggling about next to one another!

The shared love of Minecraft continues and they like to plan and play it regularly. This is the first time that I have really seen Boo interested in games, so it is nice to see them enjoying it together. When they aren’t doing that together, they are running around making up their own imaginary worlds. I do wonder when this type of play will come to an end, so I will enjoy seeing it whilst it lasts. Little Man can hold his own when we play pretty much any board game now, so we all like to play these and whenever the kids are at a loose end, they head to the huge cupboard full of board games.

I do feel that we have had a lot of ‘separate’ time recently. The kids have both had various parties to attend recently, with more on the horizon, and we have run the odd errands separately too. With the recent miserable weather we’ve had over the weekends we haven’t spent any time out on an adventure, all together. As such, I am looking forward to spending some time together soon, with half term drawing close. We have a few trips planned and these two will love spending time together.

Here they are this month, trying to look at me for photos whilst being constantly photo-bombed and attacked by Herbie – you should have seen the photos that didn’t make it, Herbie was all over the place!

Boo aged 10 years old, Little Man aged 7 years old and 1 month. Love them.


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