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Siblings November 2015

This month has seen my two almost grow closer to one another in age. Yes, I know that they cannot do that! Boo is now 6 years and 1 month, Little Man 3 years and 2 months, and I feel like this has been the month they have played more on a level with one another. Little Man certainly dictates the play a lot more than he used to, and though Boo sometimes wants a little alone time, he tempts her back to playing with him with his funny ideas for games.

Maybe they seem closer in age because Little Man has now said goodbye to naps and is out of his nappies, so he seems more grown up all of sudden. His big sister was brilliant helping him get used to going to the toilet, and it’s at moments like that that I really appreciate how grown up Boo is, as I hear her helping him to pull up his pants and instructing him to wash his hands. She’s an old 6! No naps has meant more playtime with each other, and they certainly made the most of their time together over half term. To round off the break, they had a ‘sleepover’, with Boo sleeping in Little Man’s room. These do make me smile as Boo is always so keen to sleep in her brother’s room, and Little Man always protests at having his space invaded! Of course, he agrees in the end and it’s lovely to hear them talking to each other when they wake in the morning. I fondly remember having sleepovers with my little brother, so I’m sure they’re going to have fun with them over the years to come.

For this month’s photos, we were out at the beautiful Coughton Court so I decided it would be a nice place to capture them enjoying themselves. Of course, as they were both running here and there having fun, it also meant that getting them to be calm even for a moment was a impossible task, so here are the moments that I managed to catch on film….

Siblings November

Siblings November1

Siblings November2

Siblings November3

Siblings November4

Saying ‘smile’ doesn’t really work for my son now. ‘Smile’ is code for ‘pull an angry/funny/grumpy face’. Of course, it entertains his sister…

dear beautiful


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