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Siblings May 2015

I love this point in the month, when I stop and reflect upon the relationship that my two children have with one another. The days fly by so quickly, it’s nice to stop and take stock.

This month has been an odd one for my two. Boo was quite ill with a virus and off school for a week, which is of course unusual, and then Little Man had it last week, too, though that caused less disruption to our normal routines. On top of that, Boo had a horrible sick bug over the weekend, and had to have more time off. The thing that I really noticed was how upset they each were when I tried to keep them separate after the bug. Not wanting it to spread, I asked Boo to stay in her bedroom, and she was then begging to see her brother, whilst I had Little Man downstairs crying for his big sister. I felt awful, like a really evil mother, despite it being for all the right reasons! Boo told me, sobbing, that she just wanted to hold her little brother’s hand, though she didn’t want to make him ill.ย They’re close, they need each other, and it seems that their happiness is more dependent on one another than I really appreciated.

This month they are loving together – Mary Poppins, rocket ice lollies, Miffy books, riding on their bikes, Tangled, their train track and tickles. Well, it’s tickles every month, to be honest!

Boo is now 5 years and 7 months, and Little Man 2 years and 8 months old. They are the very best of friends and they do make me proud. Here are someย captured moments this month…

siblings may

They set up a little bed next to ours one morning and Boo read Miffy books to Little Man

siblings may 1

Holding hands going down the slide!

I do hope this bond keeps on growing strongly and they continue to enjoy being in each other’s company so much. I am also hoping for less germs next month!

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