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Siblings July 2015

I can’t remember a time before this month that I’ve thought about and compared my two children more. People say you shouldn’t compare children, and I’m not sure why that is. Neither will be found wanting, both are equally loved, I’ve just been reflecting on their differences, that’s all.

It’s been a month of extremes for them, with Boo coming to the end of her first year at school and receiving a school report that made me so proud. She loves it there and is so friendly, kind and confident.  Then Little Man had his settling in sessions ready to start nursery in September, and they did not go well. I’ve decided that he’s not ready yet, and so have deferred his place until January. He wants me near, he is very shy, he is unsure of new people. Boo gets excited at the prospect of meeting new people, sees them all as potential friends, and always has done. Little Man is wary and scared, and takes a while to warm to and trust people. They are different, that’s all, different people, with their own quirks, strengths and beauty.

Chalk and cheese in so many ways, but the very best of friends. They are as close as siblings could possibly be, and when big sister’s around, Little Man’s confidence shoots up. Boo takes his hand whenever he’s unsure and guides him. She’s been reassuring him about nursery, and whilst he may not be ready now, I know she’ll help him feel happier about it all when the time does come round.

I took a few shots of them this month during their increasingly regular after-school habit of ice lollies in the garden….

siblings july 1

Siblings July 2

siblings july

These are my children, their little personalties captured in an ordinary moment. I love that Little Man’s popped his shoes on the wrong feet, Boo’s hair is dishevelled as always when she comes out of school and that Harry’s photo bombing every single shot (his tail just sneaks into that top one!)

With just three more days to go until the summer holidays, I cannot wait to have these two together for a few weeks. I suspect they’ll drive me crazy more than once, but the fun, laughter and adventures that we’ll have will more than make up for it.

dear beautiful


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