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Siblings February 2016

We’re into February now, though I have to say that time seems to be taking an age at the moment. I think it’s because I’m so keen to see the spring and summer!

My two little siblings are as close as ever, with Boo now aged 6 years and 4 months, Little Man aged 3 years and 5 months. My baby boy appears to be growing by the day and though he has always been tall for his age, I think he’s going through another growth spurt and I do wonder if he’ll soon catch his big sister up, and she’s quite tall herself! It does mean that as Little Man is quite articulate and looking so tall, the gap between them appears to be shrinking and they are playing as equals more and more.

But there is one level of inequality that I’m not keen on, which is Little Man’s attempts to wheedle out of tidying up after himself or taking any responsibility for his actions. Why bother when Boo’s there to take the fall and clear up behind him, right? Well, whilst that’s obviously not fair on Boo (though I won’t lie and say that I don’t appreciate her naturally tidy nature at these points!) it’s also not engendering the right behaviours in Little Man . The challenge is not simply getting my son to tidy up, it’s more about getting my daughter not to do things to ‘help’ her brother. Not easy at all!

We’ve been having more family adventures this year, and I’ve been trying really hard to ensure I am not working or studying whilst the kids are around. It’s not been easy at all, but well worth the quality family time that it then brings.

With a teacher training day on Friday, the Husband also booked the day off so we could all go out for the day. We referred to our Family Days Out Bucket List and took off to Warwick Castle, where this month’s Siblings photos were taken, with my son very reluctant to look at the camera…

Siblings February 2016

Siblings February 2016 1

Siblings February 2016 2

Siblings February 2016 3

Siblings February 2016 4

You’ll have spotted the peacocks in some of the shots? Yes, there were plenty of them around in the Peacock Garden there, beautiful to behold and a fascination to the children. It did mean that Little Man was running around shouting ‘Cock’ at the top of his lungs. Sigh.

My siblings in February. Love them.

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