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Siblings April 2017

Little Man seems to have had a growth spurt this month. I find them tricky to spot as I see him every day, but his trousers seem that bit shorter and several people have commented on his height to me. Yep, he’s shooting up and is quite a bit taller than most of his friends. This means that although Boo is also quite tall, as they run around and play together, their age gap seems so much smaller.

The near three year age gap is barely discernible when they play together. They each get to choose what to play, both of them inputting into whatever world it is that they are creating and both of them giggling as much as the other. But Little Man still knows he’s the ‘baby’ and plays on it whenever he can, and Boo still knows she’s the big sister and enjoys telling him off whenever she sees the need! As it’s the Easter holidays, they are loving being together all of the time at the moment and play and chat away to each other from morning ’til night.

This month’s photos were taken at Warwick Castle. We’re fortunate to be Warwick Castle Ambassadors this year, so we went along last weekend and had a brilliant day out there. There was actual sunshine so we had a picnic, the kids ran about and explored everywhere and we sat around in the sun watching the Horrible Histories live show, which was my personal highlight of the trip – I love those books!

Boo aged 7 years and 6 months old and Little Man 4 years and 7 months old. Love them.

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