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Shine-A-Light Books Review & Give-Away

We’ve recently received some new picture books here that are quite unlike any others that we’ve read, titles from the Shine-A-Light series, by Carron Brown…

Shine-A-Light Books
Secrets of Winter: Discover nature’s wintertime secrets and meet the animals and plants that live in and around a snow-covered forest, from the bears in their lairs and the foxes in their earths to the squirrels and birds in the treetops.

Secrets of the Seashore: Spot the tiny shrimps hiding in the sand, see a shy crab underneath a rock and watch a jewel-like anemone open its tentacles in this gorgeously illustrated book of nature’s hidden habitats. Just hold the page up to the light to discover the creatures that live around the ocean’s edge.

Secrets of the Rainforest: Discover the animals and plants that live in and around a kapok tree, from the colourful parrots in the canopy to the sleek jaguar on the forest floor.

On the Construction Site: Watch a skyscraper spring up with this beautifully illustrated interactive book! By simply holding the book up to the light, or shining a light behind each page, young readers will be able to discover how large buildings are constructed, who builds them, and all about the amazing machines they use in the process.

As well as being informative and beautifully illustrated, the Shine A Light series, encourage you to hold the pages up to the light to reveal hidden illustrations on each page.

Both Boo and Little Man really enjoy these books. They’ve had two each, and they often request these at bedtime. They are so different, and packed full of facts, too. We’ve learned so much together about each of the habitats and the construction site, and it’s all been told in a very engaging way.

Then having to use a torch for a story is always going to make it exciting, I think! You read each page and then when prompted, shine a light underneath it to reveal the hidden elements of the picture. It’s a great concept and so well designed.

Shine a Light books inside

We love these books and I think they span a wide age range, too, as they are equally appealing to both of my kids, at just turned 3 and coming up to 6. Boo is able to read them herself, so I will often find her doing so.

reading shine-a-light books

This is the second series of books that we have received from Ivy Press, as they also sent us the brilliant 30 Seconds Kids Books. As with those books, the Shine-a-Light series definitely gets a big thumbs up from us.

I do have a set of these books to give away now, too, the same four as pictured here. To be entered into the draw, use the rafflecopter below. It’s open to UK entrants only, and closes at 12am 6th October 2015. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you like about these books?

Disclosure: We received the books FOC for the purposes of this review, though as ever, all words and opinions remain my own


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