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Shh…Don’t Tell The Guinea Pigs

OK, I’m trusting you not to share. It would ruin the surprise.

You may have spotted over on my Facebook page that over the weekend we went to the National Pet Show at the NEC. We were looking forward to seeing all of the animals there, watching the show jumping rabbits…in fact, before I go any further with my tale, I’ll show you a rabbit in action…

Yes, go, rabbit, go!

Anyway, back to the story, we were also going to choose our guinea pigs their Christmas presents. Now, the Husband said that as they’re guinea pigs, they have no idea about Christmas and so do not need presents. The daughter argued that of course they’ll know when they see the decorations and all of us opening presents, so will feel left out. Clearly, we need to buy presents. OK, it was agreed, we were also going to buy guinea pig gifts.

The show itself was a lot of fun, with so much to see. Despite being busy, it felt very relaxed and not too crazy (I’ve been to Crufts there and it was beyond busy!). The hall was divided up roughly into sections, so we could stroll round the Dog Zone, Cat Zone, Small Furries Zone and the Animal Zone. There were animals to see and in many cases meet and stroke in every section, as well as products to buy for them, and for us as pet-lovers. There were then talks all day on various aspects of animal care, from reiki healing for dogs through to keeping hamsters happy. The displays were fabulous, and it felt like there was also something to see as you walked round. There were dogs showing us heelwork to music, dog agility, miniature horse display, freestyle dog dancing, and of course the brilliant rabbit show jumping.

The National Pet Show

As well as being fun, it also felt interactive and educational. Stands were well stocked with pet care information leaflets, and the people very friendly and chatty. It was kind of like going to the biggest, best and most exciting pet shop in the world!

Wood Green guinea pigs display

enjoying the National Pet Show

So as planned, we have treated Jessie and Leia to a fair few gifts, from Piggiepigpigs, Cosy Beds and Burrows and Rattie Angels . They now have a hanging fleece, a fleecy shelf, a cube and a pigwam, along with some snacks. A generous Christmas gift, I believe.

guinea pig gifts

On arriving home, I went to put the new fleeces upstairs, ready to be wrapped at Christmas. The girl ‘what are you doing, mummy? They can have them now, can’t they?’. Well, no, as the whole point is that we bought them for them for Christmas so that they won’t feel left out then. The response? ‘Oh, no, they’re just guinea pigs, they won’t know about Christmas and when it actually is, so they might as well have them now’. Well played, my daughter, well played.

So far, we have resisted giving them their new things, so we will keep the secret from them, but I can’t help but feel that at least one of those cosies will be in their cage before the week is out. In which case, Boo has mentioned that perhaps we should buy the piggies something like this for Christmas….

guinea pig or rabbit enclosure

Hmm, not sure you’ll get that purchase by your dad…..!

Disclosure: We had entry FOC to the National Pet Show, though all words and opinions are my own


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