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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

On a rainy Sunday, we were going through the motions and the day was passing us by, as it easily can when housework and chores crowd in around you. We had very little lined up, as the rain had put pay to our playground plans. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, when a tweet from Tots100 caught my eye – ‘How would you like to be our next Center Parcs Family Blogger’ – well, yes, I’d love to be! I clicked on the link, checked out the challenge, and how perfect it was that it was something that we could all do together that very afternoon – make your own miniature sail boat and then take it on it’s maiden voyage. Ahoy, me hearties, the challenge was on…

I set the scene with some music to accompany our boat-making, ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’, of course! We had this on a loop, and after the 9th time, I was tiring of it a little, but the kids didn’t seem to mind! And then we all settled down to make our boat. Well, I thought we’d be making ‘a’ boat, but it turns out that the husband wanted to make his own, bigger boat. Little Man was happily occupied with some boat props:


Boo and I started to colour in her paper with wax crayons to make the boat waterproof, and she wanted to draw herself on it:

boat paper

Right, ready to make the boat…oh, wait…how do we actually do that? Cue the grabbing of our phones and searching through Wiki and Youtube until we finally find one we can actually understand! Amuse yourself for five minutes or so, please…And then our boats are ready – yippee! The kids had had a brilliant time with the boat-strengthening straws in the meantime, as you can probably tell…



But, this straw fun did give me an idea. Off we went to sail our boats in the bathroom, and along came the straws for a race! The boats are in and the race begins..

As you can see, both Boo and Little Man enjoyed the race (nice of him to provide the sound!) And here is Boo’s victorious moment:


Alas, after a good 20 minutes of boat sailing, they started to capsize, perhaps the weight of the additional passengers slowed them down, or the lop-sided ducks led them astray.


Fun while it lasted, though, filled a gap in our rainy Sunday with something for or us all, and they did come back out to play in the bath that night (they were basically just soggy pieces of paper by then, but the children didn’t seem to mind!) So, thank you to Tots100 and Center Parcs for the inspiration, and hope you enjoyed reading.

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