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Reading’s Read – January 2014

Another month, another load of books read here. These have been our favourite’s this month..

Bizzy Bear Pirate AdventureLittle Man – Bizzy Bear: Pirate Adventure by Benji Davies

We bought him this for Christmas, and he LOVES it! We’ve since bought him Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm, too – equally as popular. These are followed very closely by his Pip and Posy books, and he’ll happily have all of them every day, and frequently does. They are all gorgeous books, so I don’t mind!


Boo – Primrose by Alex T Smith

This was Little Man’s Christmas gift to Boo, so I suspect this has something to do with it being a favourite, alongside the fact that it’s a book about a fun-loving, mischievous princess. She’s very much into her princess, fairy and ballerina stories at the moment, and gets very excited about them. But then, yesterday we read about dinosaurs, aliens and monsters, so her tastes do remain diverse 😉

rules of scoundrelsMe – The Rules of Scoundrels series by Sarah MacLean

I’d been dawdling over books this month. I had a couple on the go, which I’d started just before Christmas and still hadn’t finished. They were OK, but I wasn’t really into them so it took me a while to finish. I then started the first book in this series at the end of last week, and I’ve now read all three – it’d be fair to say I enjoyed them! I now have to wait until the summer for the next one, which is somewhat irritating..!

worth dying forThe Husband – Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Yep, he’s back to Jack Reacher again, and very happy with it!

We’ve also embarked upon Childled Chaos’ fabulous #300PBs challenge – to read 300 different picture books this year. It’s the ‘different’ bit that’s made it more of a challenge with Little Man, as he is very keen on those Pip & Posy Books and his Bizzy Bear! He does like plenty of others, but again, we’ve read lots for the challenge, and he likes to hear them over and over, which is lovely. Boo is quite happy reading favourites and loves to dive into the brand new world that a new book opens up for her, so we’ve read a lot. I’m pinning them all here, so feel free to check the out and follow me over there. So far, at the end of January, we’ve read 109 books between the 2 children. I think we’ll get to that 300 🙂 Of course, to ensure we do, we’ve been to the library a few times this month, which both Boo and Little Man adore.

library visit

She reads and chooses lots of books, he pulls lots of books off the shelves – each to their own…

What about you? What’s been enjoyed in your household this month?

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