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Our Reading Eggs Progress

We’ve been learning with Reading Eggs for some time now, and you can read more about our progress so far here. Today I want to share an update on how Little Man’s been finding the programme and also to tell you more about Reading Eggspress, as Boo is now using and enjoying that.

Reading Eggs and Mathseeds with Little Man

Little Man started to use this around September last year as he turned three. He enjoyed it straight-away, though also enjoyed deliberately making mistakes! Back then I noticed that his attention would wander, whereas now, just a few months on, he can move quite quickly through each game and stage as he is happy to keep on playing for quite some time. It’s something that he asks to do regularly, a clear sign of his enjoyment.

Little man and reading eggs programme

reading eggs with little man

It does help that we use a touch screen with this so that he can easily negotiate it himself, with very little input needed from me, and he does like to be in control in that way. He’s still showing a preference for the Mathseeds over the Reading Eggs and remains more confident with his numbers than letters. His counting is developing along with his knowledge of shapes and recognition of the numerals. With Reading Eggs, he has recently started to be able to identify the first sounds/letters in words and has started to take an interest in them.

Overall, he’s really happy using the programme and is excited when he completes games and levels, especially when he gets certificates, and I can see how it’s helping him to learn.

Reading Eggspress with Boo

This programme is designed for 7-13 year olds, and though Boo is only just 6, she reads very well for her age so this is appropriately challenging for her. She’s moved beyond Reading Eggs which teaches children phonics, blending and recognition of certain sight words and basic reading skills. She now reads fluently, so the comprehension aspects of reading and the recognition and spelling of more difficult words are her next stage. Reading Eggspress is brilliant for this, and as with the other two programmes, makes it fun along the way.

Reading Eggspress comprehension

There are lessons to work through, as with Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, so a clear progression can be identified. You are able to select the year group level at the outset so that you are receiving the right level of learning and support.

As well as the lessons, amongst other things there is a stadium, trophy room, targets, English skills section and a library which in itself is hours worth of fun and learning. This is one of Boo’s favourite elements, as once in the library you can select to read from various genres, choose books and read to gain eggs and cards as rewards.

Reading Eggspress

reading eggspress library book

Reading Eggs is brilliant for Boo as she does already love to read and understands the kind of learning that comes next in the form of comprehension activities. She enjoys this and I can see how it could support her learning for years to come.

Reading Eggs are currently offering a FREE 4 week trial, which is exactly how I got started with Reading Eggs in the first place, back when Boo was a pre-schooler. Give it a go, and do pop back and let me know what you think.


Disclosure: We are Reading Eggs ambassadors


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