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I wrote a post last year about Save the Children’s work on their Born to Read campaign. The campaign really struck a chord with me, and the facts and statistics that were shared shocked me, to be honest. So when they got in touch with me about Read On. Get On., I knew immediately that I’d be sharing this with you.

Read on. Get On. is a national mission to ensure that every child is a confident reader by age 11. Currently, every year in the UK 130,000 children leave primary school not reading as well as they should. Reading is the key to unlocking a child’s full potential and one of the best routes out of poverty for our poorest children.

The suggestion from Save the Children is to give Ten minutes a day:

Everyone has a role to play. Just ten minutes a day reading with a child makes a huge difference and can help them fall in love with reading. Children who don’t enjoy reading are ten times more likely to fall behind by 11.

It will take everyone – parents, grandparents, business, volunteers, teachers and role models – to tackle this problem once and for all.

We read ten minutes a day, often more. This image they shared grabbed me….


I’ve been reading The Gruffalo for a few years now, doing all of the animals voices, loving that smart little mouse. I liked to think that parents up and down the nation were all reading along with me, in the cosiness of their children’s bedrooms, just before bedtime. But how very naive of me. Makes me all the more determined to help spread the Read On. Get On. message.

I want my kids to grow up loving books, enjoying the worlds they can take them, too, but aside from the pleasure they’ll get from it, it’s so important for giving them a brighter future. Reading matters.

David Walliams has recently come out in support of the campaign, too, and can be seen here reading from Rat Burger…

Boo’s recently moved onto having chapter books at bedtime, and I am looking forward to reading books like this to her, as they look so much fun! Well, let’s be honest, I’m looking forward to reading hundreds of books with her, have her read to me and her brother and giggle away together. We get excited by shopping trips to choose new books, library jaunts, and she always likes a book at bedtime. Long may this continue, and I do hope we can make this a similar story in many more households.

You can read more about the Read On. Get On. campaign here, and please do take a minute to sign the petition to get politicians on board with the campaign, too.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, supporting.


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